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Free Viking Lotto System
Number Generator

Match all 6 main numbers on Your Ticket - Guaranteed!

increase your chances of winning the viking lottoThe Viking Lotto System Number Generator below 'GUARANTEES you will have all 6 main numbers' on your ticket when the Viking Lotto numbers are drawn!

Massively increasing your odds of a Win!

The table below represents 8 lines in the Viking Lotto, when you click 'Generate' the Viking Lotto System Number Generator will automatically generate 8 lines of numbers, the 8 lines generated will use all possible 45 numbers.

Enter all 8 lines in the Viking Lotto and you are guaranteed to have all 6 main numbers in the Draw.

If you do not want to play all 8 lines simply choose however many you would like to play, however, that will lower your chances, and you will not be guaranteed all 6 main numbers. If you want to play more than 8 simply click 'Generate' again to generate another set. You can generate as many sets as you like, it is completely Free! 
I have created this system based on a Proven UK Lotto System. Using this system a group of Maths Professors and their Students won over £5 million back in 2006.
This system works great in a Viking Lotto Syndicate so why not get together with Family, Friends or Work Colleagues, the odds of winning in a syndicate are much higher.
Increase Your Chances of Winning with this
Free Viking Lotto System Number Generator
free viking lotto number generator

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Viking Lotto System Number Generator


free viking lotto system number generator

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